I’m struggling to adhere to a schedule. A routine. I’m struggling to eat on time, to work out, to meditate, and to complete my tasks. I’m struggling to make the most out of today.

I’ve spent today by myself, alone in the room. Most of the interactions that I have was with my friends online. Via my phone, and that’s it.

Sometimes I heard voices of kids outside of my apartment. They sounds cheerful. I wish I could hear that more often,

Today I’m not obsessed about him anymore. I feel like I have something I can focus on. I have something to do. And I do look forward to doing so.

It’s late now and I don’t feel like cooking anything for dinner yet.

Though I know that I should definitely eat. I just think that life would be much easier if I can really eat on time, or have someone who can remind me to eat on time. Something that I wish to.

i ate an apple today though.

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