What’s more blissing?

I’ve just had a call with my parents. And my brother. And my dog – Leo. I complained to my brother about how Leo never let me hug him. And he shared his tips. Basically you just have to go to school and come back. My mom shared some of her reflections on life, andContinue reading “What’s more blissing?”

A reflection, again

I often regret not to go to the park before 4:45pm, just because it’s such a serene place to be, with the water body lying on top of a running river, and so much natural green that I felt healing and at peace. I think I should go. Today I have been sitting around andContinue reading “A reflection, again”

What can we do that’s fun?

I just came home from two weeks offline, away from Instagram and many other social media, and it felt like a storm rather than a peaceful transition back to reality. Is this my reality? Cuddle up with no single soul around, just me and my sofa-bed. It feels surreal. It felt like I’m back toContinue reading “What can we do that’s fun?”

Reading about time-wasting habits

Interesting read: 5 Time-wasting habits that hold entrepreneurs back The Fixed workweek mentality  Don’t say yes to unpaid work disguised as an opportunity – “Ask them what their budget is, and whether they’re willing to pay you to do what they want you to do” Edu-crastination: Procrastinate by pretending you’re busy learning The ”I’ll justContinue reading “Reading about time-wasting habits”

Funny, the world that’s turning around

Starting the night with some odd news, here we go: I GOT BORED OF CITY POP Actually, not really. It’s just the 10 times I’ve been playing Airplane Lady, so I’m switching to a new genre tonight. Maybe just for tonight, and abandon my Japanese education completely just to listen to this new bob. ひとり真っ暗な部屋で聴きたいメロウな曲 リミクスプレイリストContinue reading “Funny, the world that’s turning around”

I’m tired but blasting ALI to the roof

Just a little bit frustrated of how “Feeling Good” is not allowed to be played on Youtube Japan, but every song of this new album of ALI ROCKs! I’m just so blessed to discover them through the First Take but I’m out of breathe now ngl. This newly release album is a BIG CATCH. IContinue reading “I’m tired but blasting ALI to the roof”

I wish that the room won’t be this empty after 10 o’clock + A diary on playing chess

It’s weird. I sent a message. Nothing was sent back in return. Like always, I was slightly disappointed. But I guess maybe I was trying too hard. Maybe I should stop trying so hard? I don’t know. It’s an empty room and I thought I did the right thing. Right or wrong, only time couldContinue reading “I wish that the room won’t be this empty after 10 o’clock + A diary on playing chess”

The unique disintegration of our existence at the moment

Please, sometimes I’m just blown by how I could come up with the title, while being appalled by writing block in other, when I definitely need to write on important one. I still haven’t been able to overcome the huddle of being online and offline, as well as being more responsible than I am atContinue reading “The unique disintegration of our existence at the moment”