Weekly email from my favorite writer

Please excuse myself for Copy and Paste this following email that I have received from Mark Manson. The chill guy is chiller than ever, and I just love it so much. “Welcome to another Mindf*ck Monday, the only weekly newsletter that, not gonna lie, gets a little bit jealous when you open up and read other newsletters.Continue reading “Weekly email from my favorite writer”

Canyon rope, anyone?

Between now and then I miss having a bit of adrenaline rush. I mean, Instagram and all have it featuring under our chin, but to being able to experience it, must have been a bliss. I’m just sharing this to you all to see what kind of extreme fun I would die to have. Here’sContinue reading “Canyon rope, anyone?”

If you find out someone wasn’t as great as you had thought

If you find out someone wasn’t as great as you had thought, what would you do? Would you think that “oh, she/he is just as imperfect as I am.” Or would you think that “omg, what an asshole! I can’t believe she/he did that!” Would you think that “ah it’s ok she/he is just aContinue reading “If you find out someone wasn’t as great as you had thought”

Time travel

Isn’t rewatching video and seeing old photo a way of time travel? You are putting yourself in a past tense perspectives, and somehow, through the art of filming and directing, you, as an audience, could feel the action, the narration, the emotion, and the tension that were there in between the scenes.  Nostalgia.  Anyway hereContinue reading “Time travel”