Those who could manage their own time could manage their whole life

I don’t believe much in anything these days, except the fact that I know I found the source of leisure that makes my life meaningful. Possibly, skydiving. I skipped reading many of the profound verses of self-help because they were useless beyond their means since I barely use any of the practice they suggest. KnowledgeContinue reading “Those who could manage their own time could manage their whole life”

Change, and facing one

With the flow of the world I felt like I was on the defensive side. Being a little bit more vulnerable, being a little bit hesitated. We wanted to change the world, but the world ended up changed us. In one way or another, we were forced to adapt to the new situation, this time,Continue reading “Change, and facing one”

Face the fear

Take the hard road, they say, while I’m still staying in my cocoon thinking hard about what I can do next. I don’t know what have changed, but I need to revise my principles again. And actually commit to it. I want to be fearless again. I think I have passed the point where IContinue reading “Face the fear”