Yes, I’m drinking detox

It’s weird that I’m drinking this detox. It’s just cool water with some slides of lime and chia seeds. It wasn’t because I had recently seen any post about it on social media, but it happened that I enjoyed the taste of this cup of lime water they had in a ramen shop. I addedContinue reading “Yes, I’m drinking detox”

Things I learn stepping away from Instagram

I felt like I’m in control of my emotion more. I could see the tendency of being anxious the moment I opened the app. Afterall, it’s a terrible idea and I don’t want to handle it. I felt like I can deliberately do things better. I spend time connect to people offline, face to face.Continue reading “Things I learn stepping away from Instagram”

This city

Gazing out into the far horizon, it is not hard to phantom that this is the luxury so many people want to have. Look at all the lights. Look at all the facilities. Look at all the constructions and complexities. I’m certainly overwhelmed. Heart broken, trust failed. As if glass when falls upon floor andContinue reading “This city”