Reading about time-wasting habits

Interesting read: 5 Time-wasting habits that hold entrepreneurs back The Fixed workweek mentality  Don’t say yes to unpaid work disguised as an opportunity – “Ask them what their budget is, and whether they’re willing to pay you to do what they want you to do” Edu-crastination: Procrastinate by pretending you’re busy learning The ”I’ll justContinue reading “Reading about time-wasting habits”

Taking learning advices from Mr. Musk

To some extents, Elon Musk inspires us one way or another. The mad man for sure has his low and his dark days, but we can’t ignore the fact that he is one of our kind, and if there is any other intelligent species in the vast vacuum of space that are looking at us,Continue reading “Taking learning advices from Mr. Musk”

The cost of inaction

Counting on the seconds of typing this, it has probably takes me 3 times longer to think than to jot down the words themselves. To be a thinker is an honor, but sometimes it hinders us from taking actions. When are we going to act on it? Perfect timing? Sometimes good enough is perfect. TimeContinue reading “The cost of inaction”