Change, and facing one

With the flow of the world I felt like I was on the defensive side. Being a little bit more vulnerable, being a little bit hesitated. We wanted to change the world, but the world ended up changed us. In one way or another, we were forced to adapt to the new situation, this time,Continue reading “Change, and facing one”

In a second of boredom

These days, there are so many interests that we are bounded to desire. The constant exposure to information keeps us afloat with ideas rather than decisions. Do I really want to be just a thinker, and a philosopher? The idea itself seems uncool to me, but whatever. Thinking is an action itself, and for me,Continue reading “In a second of boredom”

Talk to people, even though you know you will be disappointed

I hate fights that broke over texts. They are just lack of contexts and sometimes it fueled fire. Take a deep breath, and talk. Even though sometimes you are scared of their reactions. Even though sometimes you know it would hurt. What matters more is understanding, rather than avoidance of conflict. My recent conflict wasContinue reading “Talk to people, even though you know you will be disappointed”