Yes, I’m drinking detox

It’s weird that I’m drinking this detox. It’s just cool water with some slides of lime and chia seeds. It wasn’t because I had recently seen any post about it on social media, but it happened that I enjoyed the taste of this cup of lime water they had in a ramen shop. I addedContinue reading “Yes, I’m drinking detox”

I started to monetize my art a few weeks ago with no sales

A quick summary: I want to open and promote my own Society6 shop on Instagram for awhile, and so have made a small step toward establishing something more concrete. The Society6 platform was a safe portal for trying out new look and publishing new designs. A little reflection on the process: I’ve put on aContinue reading “I started to monetize my art a few weeks ago with no sales”

Reflection time

I was sad, and bored, and feeling childish, helpless and ulterly purposeless. So I tried to imagine that I was a protagonist in a cliche superhero movie. But then that dream far short when reality hits. Who do I want to be, at the age of 20? I called Ashley not so long ago andContinue reading “Reflection time”