The power of a tropical storm

Sitting comfortably in an apartment amid Tokyo, I can’t help wondering, “What should I do now?” There are just too much things that I need to say. The storm, which is a force of nature, is coming again. Its direction is threatening, its wind power is terrifying, and its impact is unimaginable. Everything will beContinue reading “The power of a tropical storm”

How “Ford vs Ferrari” inspired me to run for the night

There were a lot of things that happened today. That makes me conclude that today was a day that worth living. A day that I want to remember, and remind myself that there’s day like this that I look forward to. It’s a day that’s have meanings, and although it’s not so big, I’m stillContinue reading “How “Ford vs Ferrari” inspired me to run for the night”

Today was a good day

I ate a lot And accomplished. a lot I thought I would spoil myself with carb, and just eat whenever I want. I finished my tasks for today, which I’m glad I did. I also did a bit of work out and felt a bit more fresh. My flatmate and me has entered a silentContinue reading “Today was a good day”

Should we focus more on the process than the result?

I think some of my friends share with me the ethical points of view, to see things as its result rather than the process of achieving it, and the other to see the process of arriving at the result is more important than the result itself. For me, I think I relate to the latterContinue reading “Should we focus more on the process than the result?”

Canyon rope, anyone?

Between now and then I miss having a bit of adrenaline rush. I mean, Instagram and all have it featuring under our chin, but to being able to experience it, must have been a bliss. I’m just sharing this to you all to see what kind of extreme fun I would die to have. Here’sContinue reading “Canyon rope, anyone?”

Today I learned

Today I learned That carbon offsets do work. Should we put them to be mandatory? Maybe yes. Just like how plastic bags are banned. It for sure doesn’t eliminate people’s demand for it, but it does help reduce the unnecessary consumption for it. Today I learned That there is joy in encouraging others to doContinue reading “Today I learned”

Even when we sit passively in this pandemic, we still have a lot of stuff we can do

I must admit, there are a bunch of privileges I’m lucky to have: a roof over my head, an efficient heating and ventilating system; a speed Wi-fi connection, a functional laptop. Enough clothes to wear, various books to read. I feel, well, think that this is the life of privilege that many are dreaming of,Continue reading “Even when we sit passively in this pandemic, we still have a lot of stuff we can do”