10 not-so-effortless random things I have done in 2022

Sometimes we failed to record the actions that we do unconsciously, or emotionally. Here is the list of the things that I did without even trying or thinking much with my mind in 2022

Self Worth

I could again, write so much about this topic. It’s just a little big triggering that I went on Netflix for a moment of procrastination (it sucks that I did, I should loathe myself for it, but I don’t) and watched a :30-second-trailer of the digital drama Followers. From what the casts were saying, IContinue reading “Self Worth”

What is Mandalorian ? Why is it important? Can somebody please answer?!

Have you ever felt left out for not being related when your friends start talking about Star Wars?I have, several times. I would about to take the job of Dani Di Placido after searching up “The Mandalorian” and landed on Forbes. TL;DR. Baby Yoda is cute though, but he didn’t really take much of my interestContinue reading “What is Mandalorian ? Why is it important? Can somebody please answer?!”