The most wholesome piece of music for the end of time

There’s a song that I would put on play, whenever I feel lost in life and just want to let loose in thoughts. One of the most wholesome piece of music that I have the chance to discover, in the void of the Internet: I liked someone, but I’m taking so much time to think.Continue reading “The most wholesome piece of music for the end of time”

An Itaewon class OST list

It’s strange to talk about Itaewon Class. Part of me doesn’t want to share my impression of this precious movie, but part of me want to introduce to you all about it. I have learned so much from the drama, that words won’t be enough to describe it. What I know, is that this seriesContinue reading “An Itaewon class OST list”

たぶん by Yoasobi

Ahh, finally, I felt much more comfortable writing in Japanese (not really). I hope I would write more about Japan from now, because, well, I live here (lol). Normally I often listen to the song because of the vibe that it brings, so the lyrics itself doesn’t have to have too much of meanings (ofContinue reading “たぶん by Yoasobi”