Things to avoid while taking classes in college

Perhaps the hardest thing of all to do is to predict the future. I found it hard. Perhaps I should learn more about data analysis. Imagine how awesome it is to be more efficient with predicting trends and repetitive behaviours. I made a mistake of taking way too many classes during my first semester ofContinue reading “Things to avoid while taking classes in college”

Talk to people, even though you know you will be disappointed

I hate fights that broke over texts. They are just lack of contexts and sometimes it fueled fire. Take a deep breath, and talk. Even though sometimes you are scared of their reactions. Even though sometimes you know it would hurt. What matters more is understanding, rather than avoidance of conflict. My recent conflict wasContinue reading “Talk to people, even though you know you will be disappointed”

Facing the plague of not making swift decision

This article was inspired by Linda Sapadin on Do You Have Difficulty Making Decisions? Not so different from many others, I often spent time being stuck in a position of indecisiveness, where I cannot focus on the outcome of one options, since there so many things keep popping up in the ways. Indeed, our dailyContinue reading “Facing the plague of not making swift decision”