Are you spending too much time by yourself?

It’s ok if you feel not enough sometimes. You don’t have to feel 100% all the time, and sometimes, feeling like 20% is good enough. You should allow yourself to feel empty, and motionless. However, it is good to note that having your mind wander too much during the day sometimes would inevitably lead toContinue reading “Are you spending too much time by yourself?”

What’s more blissing?

I’ve just had a call with my parents. And my brother. And my dog – Leo. I complained to my brother about how Leo never let me hug him. And he shared his tips. Basically you just have to go to school and come back. My mom shared some of her reflections on life, andContinue reading “What’s more blissing?”

Today I learned (there’re just so many)

For now, I’m trying to take advantages of digital overload. What if we can do something about the information we have received and turn them into something good? What if we can utilize those information for a better collective learning? I’ve been procrastinating on so many things important in my life, like finishing my classes’Continue reading “Today I learned (there’re just so many)”

What can we do that’s fun?

I just came home from two weeks offline, away from Instagram and many other social media, and it felt like a storm rather than a peaceful transition back to reality. Is this my reality? Cuddle up with no single soul around, just me and my sofa-bed. It feels surreal. It felt like I’m back toContinue reading “What can we do that’s fun?”

Life is too precious to not do the important things first

I said it, prioritize things according to the urgency, importance, and significance. It’s hard to train making decisions, and the more you grow the more difficult decisions you have to make. Obviously life is both chances and choices, but I must say take care of the choices that you make, and life will be easierContinue reading “Life is too precious to not do the important things first”

Change, and facing one

With the flow of the world I felt like I was on the defensive side. Being a little bit more vulnerable, being a little bit hesitated. We wanted to change the world, but the world ended up changed us. In one way or another, we were forced to adapt to the new situation, this time,Continue reading “Change, and facing one”

Things to avoid while taking classes in college

Perhaps the hardest thing of all to do is to predict the future. I found it hard. Perhaps I should learn more about data analysis. Imagine how awesome it is to be more efficient with predicting trends and repetitive behaviours. I made a mistake of taking way too many classes during my first semester ofContinue reading “Things to avoid while taking classes in college”

I closed my eyes and wrote this without looking at the key board

To be quiet honest with you I failed myself today again It’s ok to fail, they say, but this, I have failed so many times. It’s Thursday already. Times fly so fast and i don’t know whether I’m still living or not. I don’t know where I am heading to. I talked to my dadContinue reading “I closed my eyes and wrote this without looking at the key board”

Things I learned today

It’s been late and I still have lots of stuff to do, but I just want to share the following article. It’s a boring self-growth piece, and it’s quite reinforcing perspective, but I mean, I agreed, so here you go: Something that I learned from reading the article is that, innovation is challenging, but itContinue reading “Things I learned today”