It’s a bad habit to stay up late and struggle to fall asleep over and over again I’m still taking the blame for it. After all, it’s our choices to keep scrolling mindlessly posts to posts, let ourselves be captivated with wanderlust and allusion. After all, it’s our choices to c give up our timeContinue reading “2:24”

I started to monetize my art a few weeks ago with no sales

A quick summary: I want to open and promote my own Society6 shop on Instagram for awhile, and so have made a small step toward establishing something more concrete. The Society6 platform was a safe portal for trying out new look and publishing new designs. A little reflection on the process: I’ve put on aContinue reading “I started to monetize my art a few weeks ago with no sales”

This city

Gazing out into the far horizon, it is not hard to phantom that this is the luxury so many people want to have. Look at all the lights. Look at all the facilities. Look at all the constructions and complexities. I’m certainly overwhelmed. Heart broken, trust failed. As if glass when falls upon floor andContinue reading “This city”