Funny, the world that’s turning around

Starting the night with some odd news, here we go: I GOT BORED OF CITY POP Actually, not really. It’s just the 10 times I’ve been playing Airplane Lady, so I’m switching to a new genre tonight. Maybe just for tonight, and abandon my Japanese education completely just to listen to this new bob. ひとり真っ暗な部屋で聴きたいメロウな曲 リミクスプレイリストContinue reading “Funny, the world that’s turning around”

I have some great news

I think that I have all the time in the world today to do something, yet I completed wasted it. It’s a horrendous, regretful feelings when at the end of the day, you felt totally burnt out without doing anything. I burnt my time in Social Media and the web again. I didn’t do anythingContinue reading “I have some great news”