Can an Economist become an Entrepreneur?

It’s going to be just hard to term myself as an Economist, as I am aware how lack of technical skills such as Econometrics and fundamental Statistic of a person I was. The ideal of being adept in Economics while running business is more influenced by my father: After all, he had a Master DegreeContinue reading “Can an Economist become an Entrepreneur?”

Should we focus more on the process than the result?

I think some of my friends share with me the ethical points of view, to see things as its result rather than the process of achieving it, and the other to see the process of arriving at the result is more important than the result itself. For me, I think I relate to the latterContinue reading “Should we focus more on the process than the result?”

An Itaewon class OST list

It’s strange to talk about Itaewon Class. Part of me doesn’t want to share my impression of this precious movie, but part of me want to introduce to you all about it. I have learned so much from the drama, that words won’t be enough to describe it. What I know, is that this seriesContinue reading “An Itaewon class OST list”

Amid economic recession risks

Update: Hong Kong is officially down for a recession. Read here at Reuters. This is troublesome. So Billionaire Ray Dalio talked about “capital war” between the US and China, the question now is, how can it be affecting individuals like us? According to Business Insider, November 15th, 2019, Ray Dalio, the respectable investment guru thatContinue reading “Amid economic recession risks”

Talk to people, even though you know you will be disappointed

I hate fights that broke over texts. They are just lack of contexts and sometimes it fueled fire. Take a deep breath, and talk. Even though sometimes you are scared of their reactions. Even though sometimes you know it would hurt. What matters more is understanding, rather than avoidance of conflict. My recent conflict wasContinue reading “Talk to people, even though you know you will be disappointed”

The highest paid-position for an FDI-related career is here

Yesterday was the best performing day for since I started this website a year ago: achieved 5 likes per post. In a Day. While having a pat in my back, I am thrilled that WordPress is providing a pretty great reward system. It’s like being sent back to kindergarten once more and having teachersContinue reading “The highest paid-position for an FDI-related career is here”

I started to monetize my art a few weeks ago with no sales

A quick summary: I want to open and promote my own Society6 shop on Instagram for awhile, and so have made a small step toward establishing something more concrete. The Society6 platform was a safe portal for trying out new look and publishing new designs. A little reflection on the process: I’ve put on aContinue reading “I started to monetize my art a few weeks ago with no sales”

Introvert and extrovert?

What would you think? Would you define yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? Would you think that being reflective and considerative is more important than taking swift action and being more responsive? Maybe I should do something to help myself and help others to stay focus. I will stop browsing through so many thingsContinue reading “Introvert and extrovert?”

Edifice complex as a way not to move on

It was 3:37 AM and there’s nothing more boozing than reading an interesting article. She has been moving back and forth with her website. After all, she proved herself that she could definitely build one. It’s just the process of building it was again, lonely. She genuinely wished that she was doing something else, ratherContinue reading “Edifice complex as a way not to move on”