It’s 15:21

And my blog is becoming like a macro Tweeter page where there isn’t much traffic, interaction, or public recognition. It’s like a scream into a void without knowing much about my own audience, but literally, I would often time just keep my future me in mind. Hey wise B, it’s the younger B’s talking. HowContinue reading “It’s 15:21”

If you find out someone wasn’t as great as you had thought

If you find out someone wasn’t as great as you had thought, what would you do? Would you think that “oh, she/he is just as imperfect as I am.” Or would you think that “omg, what an asshole! I can’t believe she/he did that!” Would you think that “ah it’s ok she/he is just aContinue reading “If you find out someone wasn’t as great as you had thought”

A blue puddle of unrequited love

Dragging her legs to the bathroom, she dropped herself onto the floor. Her head has never been heavier. She was about to scream for help, yet the thin layer between the bathroom door and the hall was going to everybody knows about her insecurity. Felt destructive, she cried, for the third time in a day.Continue reading “A blue puddle of unrequited love”

On emotional health

I remember Sam Rongh, who was a great gay guy I had the fortune to meet and interact with when he was working at our high school. I have always been astonished by wondering how they felt within, and why it is so important, so urging for them to live as who they are, regardlessContinue reading “On emotional health”