The blog – A halfway review of my writing journey

Soon I have started adding podcast into my blog posts. Still everything is so unorganized. I bet there should be a better way to operate on a personal level. I would need to master self-organization before moving into big corp. Or leading any organization. This has to change. I talked briefly about relationship and emotionalContinue reading “The blog – A halfway review of my writing journey”

I joined Clubhouse and here was my honest feedback on the first time experience

I think it would be like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The influencers and the influenced ones would be there. The apps are cool and everything, but I felt like it’s not enough to replace the human connection in the offline world. I was able to listen to people talking though, and it was like aContinue reading “I joined Clubhouse and here was my honest feedback on the first time experience”

Living the life of digital nomad

I came across Mark Manson not so long ago when I first picked up his book – the only English book available on a long aisle full of Vietnamese ones. Fast forward to today, stumbling upon his personal blog felt like I had discovered a new treasure: things in the past, lack out of trend,Continue reading “Living the life of digital nomad”