The blog – A halfway review of my writing journey

Soon I have started adding podcast into my blog posts. Still everything is so unorganized. I bet there should be a better way to operate on a personal level. I would need to master self-organization before moving into big corp. Or leading any organization. This has to change. I talked briefly about relationship and emotionalContinue reading “The blog – A halfway review of my writing journey”

Can you being in love while living alone?

Truth is, living alone is tough. But so does living with someone else. It takes me sometimes to recognize that I do need love. No, I want love. Not sure how would I frame it, but for now, it’s on the selfish side of the coin. I want to be loved. I want to haveContinue reading “Can you being in love while living alone?”

I wish that the room won’t be this empty after 10 o’clock + A diary on playing chess

It’s weird. I sent a message. Nothing was sent back in return. Like always, I was slightly disappointed. But I guess maybe I was trying too hard. Maybe I should stop trying so hard? I don’t know. It’s an empty room and I thought I did the right thing. Right or wrong, only time couldContinue reading “I wish that the room won’t be this empty after 10 o’clock + A diary on playing chess”

Focus went south after 5

I’m amazed by how much of an attention span I have. Was reading “A brief history of time” by Stephen Hawking. Though I learned a little bit more (about the reason why and how we found out about the Earth circulation around the Sun, and the light cone in relative of time, etc.) I stillContinue reading “Focus went south after 5”

Failing, but on soft bed

I haven’t told anyone that I have failed my first N2 level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) just yet, except two or three close friends of mine. I know I don’t owe the world an explanation of why I failed, yet I felt that I wanted to talk to you about how I failed,Continue reading “Failing, but on soft bed”

An answer to a long struggle

Have you ever felt like sometimes, you yearn for an answer to a particular problem that was so abstract, you couldn’t see how you would grasp the concept at all? I think that I finally learn how to pay more attention to Integrating online and offline community of mine. So what does this have toContinue reading “An answer to a long struggle”

Misread my favorite book once so I read it again and again.

My first impression after reading the book “My Virginity – the Autobiography” By Richard Branson is that he succeeded with lots of courage, adventures, and luck. I was living in this illusion of undertaking that if you take risks, and do bold things, have trust in yourself or just trusting the process, it will turnContinue reading “Misread my favorite book once so I read it again and again.”

Limited time, unattainable fantasy, and other thoughts

To think that the laptop is similar to Television a couple decades ago is a little bit off the line, though we’ll be just right to say that binging Youtube and Netflix is just us failing at our self-control and time management. Business would always find themselves to be helpful and servile to people, andContinue reading “Limited time, unattainable fantasy, and other thoughts”

I closed my eyes and wrote this without looking at the key board

To be quiet honest with you I failed myself today again It’s ok to fail, they say, but this, I have failed so many times. It’s Thursday already. Times fly so fast and i don’t know whether I’m still living or not. I don’t know where I am heading to. I talked to my dadContinue reading “I closed my eyes and wrote this without looking at the key board”