I’m tired but blasting ALI to the roof

Just a little bit frustrated of how “Feeling Good” is not allowed to be played on Youtube Japan, but every song of this new album of ALI ROCKs! I’m just so blessed to discover them through the First Take but I’m out of breathe now ngl. This newly release album is a BIG CATCH. IContinue reading “I’m tired but blasting ALI to the roof”

“The meaning of life is to make your life more meaningful”

Another bullshit quote, unless you really apply it. Every piece of information is meaningful and meaningless at the same time. If it doesn’t convey anything more than what it is said, it is meaningless. The moment someone, something’s existence start to happen due to this piece of information, then it becomes meaningful. The letter TContinue reading ““The meaning of life is to make your life more meaningful””

Things I learned today

It’s been late and I still have lots of stuff to do, but I just want to share the following article. It’s a boring self-growth piece, and it’s quite reinforcing perspective, but I mean, I agreed, so here you go: Something that I learned from reading the article is that, innovation is challenging, but itContinue reading “Things I learned today”

Should I write about AI?

In the last article of Writing in time of Crisis (P1 / P2) I wanted to briefly discussed about AI. Why is it such a buzzword? What are some common myths about AI? Here’s the link to the PDF, so you don’t have to make up an account again: 5 Big Myths of AI andContinue reading “Should I write about AI?”

Does one become successful at failure by giving up?

Interesting question that I came across the Internet today (aka. Quora). It’s funny to me that we are so obsessed with failure and success these days, I mean, I’m not excluding myself. This question seems so deep and thought provocative, but it has such incongruity that makes me a bit uncomfortable (not to the pointContinue reading “Does one become successful at failure by giving up?”

Dealing with addiction

Yeah, maybe I do have an addiction. Addiction to procrastination. Addiction to overwork on unimportant, non-essential stuff like writing a blog post. It’s painful and dismal to think about all the tasks I have been skipping. Name myself an irresponsible person, I would entertain that thoughts. But that’s ok. I was playing this piano soundContinue reading “Dealing with addiction”