10 not-so-effortless random things I have done in 2022

Sometimes we failed to record the actions that we do unconsciously, or emotionally. Here is the list of the things that I did without even trying or thinking much with my mind in 2022

Landing on Big Data

I woke up light headed in the morning and immediately reached out to my phone. To my surprise, I deleted the Instagram app without thinking much, and so far that has been the greatest move that I have done to kick start my day. So my day today consists of several tasks that I haveContinue reading “Landing on Big Data”

How “Ford vs Ferrari” inspired me to run for the night

There were a lot of things that happened today. That makes me conclude that today was a day that worth living. A day that I want to remember, and remind myself that there’s day like this that I look forward to. It’s a day that’s have meanings, and although it’s not so big, I’m stillContinue reading “How “Ford vs Ferrari” inspired me to run for the night”

Substantially, Lebanon,..and ⍺7S III

After being released from the quarantine room, I was super happy to be back to my natural habitat, but at the same time, I’m a bit sad that I would leave this place soon. There is this excitement, and there is this hesitance of moving to a new place. The world was shaken by whatContinue reading “Substantially, Lebanon,..and ⍺7S III”

Hey! Let’s talk about failure!

Here we go about the band wagon. Failure would be somehow trendy, because when everything is so disrupted by the pandemic, all of the sudden we have a bunch of people failed. I failed. I know some of my favorite influencers failed too. “Actually, nah. failure makes me feel like a loser. And I don’tContinue reading “Hey! Let’s talk about failure!”

Canyon rope, anyone?

Between now and then I miss having a bit of adrenaline rush. I mean, Instagram and all have it featuring under our chin, but to being able to experience it, must have been a bliss. I’m just sharing this to you all to see what kind of extreme fun I would die to have. Here’sContinue reading “Canyon rope, anyone?”

Aight, what’s next?

Hey, I’m hungry, and here is the late night ranting of B. We have just finished a major event in the late November. I’m enjoying the result of it. It was something I have been wanting to do, and now that I have finished, there were a sense of satisfaction, but yet, it was somethingContinue reading “Aight, what’s next?”

How to make a speech in Japanese

First you’ve got to start somewhere as simple as the following: Hi, my name is B. Today I will talk about one of my わすられない場所. Watashu no shushin wa Betonamu no chubu desu. Koto wa Quang Binh ken desu. Quang Binh Ken no naka de, iro ro na keshiki ga arimasu. Sorera no hitotsu wa PhongContinue reading “How to make a speech in Japanese”