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Project UMI, 2017

The two main characters, Lisa and Jun, had just finished their marine science class. All of a sudden, they were pulled into an unwanted adventure, where they started learning about the devastating impact of ocean plastic pollution.

Only One Ocean

The mission of this project was to educate younger generation about protecting the environment

As the problem of climate change, global warming, and loss of diversity becomes more severe, much actions are needed to be taken. Since we only have one ocean to live by and take care of, it was important for me to raise awareness about the impacts of human-generated waste on marine animals, as well as the ecosystem that they were living in, while highlighting the magnificent beauty that life underwater have.

A page spread of the short comic book.
A speed-up record of the drawing process. The whole painting took about over 7 hours to be finished digitally.
Social Impact Lab Japan (SILJ), 2022

#Event Planning #Public Relation

Modern social problems require innovative solutions, and at Social Impact Lab Japan, I helped the team to come up with effective designs to educate and encourage audiences to take action on those important causes. Additionally, we collaborate with organizations and companies with events and workshops to deliver training on SDGs and social entrepreneurship.

Check out our works at Social Impact Lab Japan.


Design package for SILJ


“If you are determined and want it, you can just go for it.”

Melanie Perkins – CEO of Canva
Hult Prize Waseda OnCampus, 2021

#BrandIdentity #VisualDesign #WebDesign

  • SNS for Hult Prize Waseda OC21

Design packages for posters, presentation materials, and SNS posts using Canva

Artist Statement

I wanted to create designs and artworks that are not only visually pleasing but also meaningful and inspiring for the viewers. The digital transformation of the creative industry has enabled me to try various mediums, combining the power of machine and mind, to compose unique, invigorating visualization.

“With the academic background that I had, I found that I was able to stretch my imagination and stretch my exploration beyond what I thought I was capable of, which was really fascinating to me, and very fulfilling.”

― James Stanford

Besides working on static and functional branding formats such as the above outputs, I also love working on the more artistic, abstract style of illustration. Landscapes with views of vivid aurora lights or brilliant flare have always been my favorite pieces. Developed on the theme of environment, ocean, and beautiful darkness, the following NFT art project is perhaps the closest I could get to uncovering that idealistic vision.

OpenSea NFT Release Series, 2022

#NFT #NFTArt #TheNightAtCrystalport

#1. Hidden Sapphire – The first NFT ever released

The Night at Crystalport is a QBOOZ’s creative series of 30 NFTs powered by AI

To catch a glimpse into the works, you can subscribe and follow my periodical release on OpenSea.

I was excited to make these kinds of stuff, and then when the people’s reactions come in, I was like, “Wooh, they actually super liked it!”

And I was immensely happy to create something everyone could appreciate and love.

Exempt 1: Vivid glow of clouds
#17. Floating Peril
#16. Iceberg Illuminated

You can also gain the best experience enjoying the artworks by immersing yourself in the euphoric world of wonder in The Night at Crystalport. Each song corresponds to a scene in the series to take you throughout the journey and tell a story. Music curated exclusively by QBOOZ.

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