Project UMI, 2017

The two main characters, Lisa and Jun, had just finished their marine science class. All of a sudden, they were pulled into an unwanted adventure, where they started learning about the devastating impact of ocean plastic pollution.

Only One Ocean

The mission of this project was to educate younger generation about protecting the environment

After all, we only have one ocean to live by and take care of,…

Social Impact Lab Japan & Hult Prize

#Event Planning #Public Relation

Modern social problems require innovative solutions, and at Social Impact Lab Japan, I helped the team to come up with effective designs to educate and encourage audiences to take action on those important causes. Additionally, we collaborate with organizations and companies with events and workshops to deliver training on SDGs and social entrepreneurship.

Check out our works and at Social Impact Lab Japan.


Design package for SILJ

#Brand Identity

If you are determined and want it, you can just go for it

Melanie Perkins – CEO of Canva


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