Funny, the world that’s turning around

Starting the night with some odd news, here we go: I GOT BORED OF CITY POP Actually, not really. It’s just the 10 times I’ve been playing Airplane Lady, so I’m switching to a new genre tonight. Maybe just for tonight, and abandon my Japanese education completely just to listen to this new bob. ひとり真っ暗な部屋で聴きたいメロウな曲 リミクスプレイリストContinue reading “Funny, the world that’s turning around”

We are always in the seek of solutions

Don’t mind me, we are all going to die. One way or another. Coronavirus, earthquake, economic crisis, antibiotic resistance, air pollution, heart failure, heat stroke, accidents, etc. Literally, anything could kill. And therefore sometimes, when you look around, the medias and the dramas are full of materials featuring the deaths of someone, or many others.Continue reading “We are always in the seek of solutions”

The battle between creative and strategic thinking

Can you be creative and strategic at the same time? The answer is Yes. Or I wish so. Because I’m battling about it every single day. It’s a mental exercise, but sometimes we do need to make crucial decisions that require the best of both. But sometimes the fuel would continue to burn and leadContinue reading “The battle between creative and strategic thinking”

Can you being in love while living alone?

Truth is, living alone is tough. But so does living with someone else. It takes me sometimes to recognize that I do need love. No, I want love. Not sure how would I frame it, but for now, it’s on the selfish side of the coin. I want to be loved. I want to haveContinue reading “Can you being in love while living alone?”