Exciting news about harvesting sunlight and air for electricity🤩

Well well, I saw the post on Instagram very recently about the conversion of water vapour, CO2 and the Sun into usable fuels,..sounds optimistic! At least for some clean energy enthusiast like me. You should definitely read it more here: Carbon-neutral fuel made from sunlight and air It’s very exciting. But at the moment theContinue reading “Exciting news about harvesting sunlight and air for electricity🤩”

“The habitual buying of cheap things devalues a person’s humanity”

Quote of the day. No, for real though. This is the most impactful article that I have read for a while: No “Spark of Joy” for People Living in Trash Houses And also, I found this blog that writes about EV: https://www.whichev.net Cheers to the new week

The blow off of Nikola

The new Hindenburg Report on Nikola was a dismal one. In the battle against climate change, Nikola seems like a good soldier joining the market with its heart for zero emission. Yet, everything felt like a stab in the back reading the Hindenburg report. Despite Bloomberg pointed out that Hindenburg is a “firm that ownsContinue reading “The blow off of Nikola”

Battery electric vs. hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

This past week has been a weird train of experiences. I have so much to tell you, yet so little time and focus to do so. My apologize for disappearing for a while, and thank you so much for still hanging around. Update: I moved out. This page was supposed to be a record ofContinue reading “Battery electric vs. hydrogen fuel cell vehicles”

Today was a good day

I ate a lot And accomplished. a lot I thought I would spoil myself with carb, and just eat whenever I want. I finished my tasks for today, which I’m glad I did. I also did a bit of work out and felt a bit more fresh. My flatmate and me has entered a silentContinue reading “Today was a good day”