Battery electric vs. hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

This past week has been a weird train of experiences. I have so much to tell you, yet so little time and focus to do so. My apologize for disappearing for a while, and thank you so much for still hanging around. Update: I moved out. This page was supposed to be a record ofContinue reading “Battery electric vs. hydrogen fuel cell vehicles”

Writing about Globalization and Human Rights

For our courses I had a chance to learn more about the big actors in human rights legislation. The discussion about social media and human rights were actually an interesting one, as different set of rights are in direct violation of others given certain contexts and stakeholders. I found this simple and comprehensive explanation givenContinue reading “Writing about Globalization and Human Rights”

Today was a good day

I ate a lot And accomplished. a lot I thought I would spoil myself with carb, and just eat whenever I want. I finished my tasks for today, which I’m glad I did. I also did a bit of work out and felt a bit more fresh. My flatmate and me has entered a silentContinue reading “Today was a good day”

Should we focus more on the process than the result?

I think some of my friends share with me the ethical points of view, to see things as its result rather than the process of achieving it, and the other to see the process of arriving at the result is more important than the result itself. For me, I think I relate to the latterContinue reading “Should we focus more on the process than the result?”

Regarding mental health issue

Sometimes it’s ok to recognize that we aren’t so fine. I would admit that I have been terrified not once but many times. Different occasions. This might makes anyone think that I’m weak minded, but just so let you know, I don’t bother if you think so. Mental health is as important as physical health.Continue reading “Regarding mental health issue”

Who’s your modern day hero?

Knowing him after the book The Art of Not Giving a F*ck, it has been an incredible journey to get to know Mark’s thoughts on things via his weekly Monday email. If anyone looking for an entertaining yet informative and deep-dive thoughts (not analysis, but thoughts) to keep your mind a bit out of placeContinue reading “Who’s your modern day hero?”

Taking learning advices from Mr. Musk

To some extents, Elon Musk inspires us one way or another. The mad man for sure has his low and his dark days, but we can’t ignore the fact that he is one of our kind, and if there is any other intelligent species in the vast vacuum of space that are looking at us,Continue reading “Taking learning advices from Mr. Musk”

How else is wealth created besides labors?

A boy confronts a wealthy businessman and asks him how he is able to make money without being a wage laborer like most other grownups. The businessman is amused and decides entertain the boy’s question. – An original answer posted in November 3, 2017 on Quora by John Soroushian, who worked at Brookings, the Fed,Continue reading “How else is wealth created besides labors?”

The World of the Married review – Everything until episode 6

The movie starts with the perfect family life that was obtained by Ji Sun-Woo (Kim Hee-Ae) who was a reputable medicine doctor in the town of Gosan.