Sweat, blood and tears stained my shirt Such a waste of time to have had waited for you Why am I such a stupid jerk I wanted to write you a letter. I wrote as I wanted. I wanted to call you past midnight. I called as I wanted.  You neither pick up nor callContinue reading “Philophobia”

A thought on Chess

In the time of crisis, we turn to books and people. Those who surrounded us, those who can see things we can’t see, think the way we don’t think, say the thought we don’t say, and act the way we don’t act. We just love to let ourselves be amazed of that. We need obstacles,Continue reading “A thought on Chess”

Amid economic recession risks

Update: Hong Kong is officially down for a recession. Read here at Reuters. This is troublesome. So Billionaire Ray Dalio talked about “capital war” between the US and China, the question now is, how can it be affecting individuals like us? According to Business Insider, November 15th, 2019, Ray Dalio, the respectable investment guru thatContinue reading “Amid economic recession risks”

In a second of boredom

These days, there are so many interests that we are bounded to desire. The constant exposure to information keeps us afloat with ideas rather than decisions. Do I really want to be just a thinker, and a philosopher? The idea itself seems uncool to me, but whatever. Thinking is an action itself, and for me,Continue reading “In a second of boredom”


It’s a bad habit to stay up late and struggle to fall asleep over and over again I’m still taking the blame for it. After all, it’s our choices to keep scrolling mindlessly posts to posts, let ourselves be captivated with wanderlust and allusion. After all, it’s our choices to c give up our timeContinue reading “2:24”

Thinking together about Instagram

I have talked about the obsession with Instagram, and realized that this is a habit I could barely break through. Countless of time I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app on my phone, to stop myself from reaching it, but still, the temptation is strong and I must admit, maybe I’m not that matureContinue reading “Thinking together about Instagram”

Sunday without an impact

There will be always questions lead to questions in the mind of a wonderer: I’m turning 20 this year…Did I just waste my Sunday? Just giving you a bit of context, the question popped up when I was reading an article on Growthlab about business amongst Millennials. There are all the hypes about start-ups scenes,Continue reading “Sunday without an impact”