Who’s your modern day hero?

Knowing him after the book The Art of Not Giving a F*ck, it has been an incredible journey to get to know Mark’s thoughts on things via his weekly Monday email. If anyone looking for an entertaining yet informative and deep-dive thoughts (not analysis, but thoughts) to keep your mind a bit out of placeContinue reading “Who’s your modern day hero?”

Taking learning advices from Mr. Musk

To some extents, Elon Musk inspires us one way or another. The mad man for sure has his low and his dark days, but we can’t ignore the fact that he is one of our kind, and if there is any other intelligent species in the vast vacuum of space that are looking at us,Continue reading “Taking learning advices from Mr. Musk”

Writing in time of crisis (P.2)

I sat back and looked over my To-do list. Actually there were a lot of things I need to do. My mind wasn’t here though; It’s not settled on this stuff. It’s bugged by a handful numbers of topics that Instagram has fed in its feed. It’s not happy with how the world was rollingContinue reading “Writing in time of crisis (P.2)”

The World of the Married review – Everything until episode 6

The movie starts with the perfect family life that was obtained by Ji Sun-Woo (Kim Hee-Ae) who was a reputable medicine doctor in the town of Gosan.

What is Mandalorian ? Why is it important? Can somebody please answer?!

Have you ever felt left out for not being related when your friends start talking about Star Wars?I have, several times. I would about to take the job of Dani Di Placido after searching up “The Mandalorian” and landed on Forbes. TL;DR. Baby Yoda is cute though, but he didn’t really take much of my interestContinue reading “What is Mandalorian ? Why is it important? Can somebody please answer?!”

A blue puddle of unrequited love

Dragging her legs to the bathroom, she dropped herself onto the floor. Her head has never been heavier. She was about to scream for help, yet the thin layer between the bathroom door and the hall was going to everybody knows about her insecurity. Felt destructive, she cried, for the third time in a day.Continue reading “A blue puddle of unrequited love”