Writing about Globalization and Human Rights

For our courses I had a chance to learn more about the big actors in human rights legislation. The discussion about social media and human rights were actually an interesting one, as different set of rights are in direct violation of others given certain contexts and stakeholders. I found this simple and comprehensive explanation givenContinue reading “Writing about Globalization and Human Rights”

Why you can’t ever finish anything?

It’s time to break this procrastinating mindset. Not to mention that we are constantly distracted and interrupted every second, we often procrastinate on finishing tasks because of other various reasons. When you’re working on something without a clear deadline, seeing it through to its end can be a huge challenge. Fear of failure Fear ofContinue reading “Why you can’t ever finish anything?”

Should you keep blaming the pandemic for your failure?

For us to face the crisis altogether, maybe it is easier to feel compassionate towards other and be able to understand struggle, as we also go through the hardship ourselves too. But when they say “Misery love company”, it’s not incorrect. Being a bit more critical about myself, I think that I spent way tooContinue reading “Should you keep blaming the pandemic for your failure?”

If you find out someone wasn’t as great as you had thought

If you find out someone wasn’t as great as you had thought, what would you do? Would you think that “oh, she/he is just as imperfect as I am.” Or would you think that “omg, what an asshole! I can’t believe she/he did that!” Would you think that “ah it’s ok she/he is just aContinue reading “If you find out someone wasn’t as great as you had thought”

Does one become successful at failure by giving up?

Interesting question that I came across the Internet today (aka. Quora). It’s funny to me that we are so obsessed with failure and success these days, I mean, I’m not excluding myself. This question seems so deep and thought provocative, but it has such incongruity that makes me a bit uncomfortable (not to the pointContinue reading “Does one become successful at failure by giving up?”

Dealing with addiction

Yeah, maybe I do have an addiction. Addiction to procrastination. Addiction to overwork on unimportant, non-essential stuff like writing a blog post. It’s painful and dismal to think about all the tasks I have been skipping. Name myself an irresponsible person, I would entertain that thoughts. But that’s ok. I was playing this piano soundContinue reading “Dealing with addiction”

Is it a shame to be desperate for result?

Asking why nothing is moving in the direction that I “wish” for. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been “wishing” it’s not coming to reality yet. Or am I merely wishing for it? It’s an incredibly odd situation. I felt like I have not been putting in enough effort, while at the same time, feel likeContinue reading “Is it a shame to be desperate for result?”

Regarding mental health issue

Sometimes it’s ok to recognize that we aren’t so fine. I would admit that I have been terrified not once but many times. Different occasions. This might makes anyone think that I’m weak minded, but just so let you know, I don’t bother if you think so. Mental health is as important as physical health.Continue reading “Regarding mental health issue”