To the night that she was finally granted

This is just another spontaneous flow of thought recorded after midnight – something that she often does just to get her out of boredom, something to release her inner stress, her inner craving for connection. She is often saddened by the stage of where she was, regardless of where she was, physically. Being aware ofContinue reading “To the night that she was finally granted”

Instagram usage – how much is enough?

Let’s set this straight: Everyone who is a Millennial would be plagued with more self-esteem problem, FOMO, and a bunch of other health-related problems because of one thing: “Instagram catastrophe” Their spontaneous mindset and short attention span would be constantly pulled into the app because of its interactive flow. She loves looking and browsing throughContinue reading “Instagram usage – how much is enough?”

Tokyo night train ride and the No.1 rule

Tozai line has always been packed with people, and unsurprisingly it was always neat and quiet, regardless of how many peeps you were being squeezed in between. But tonight is different. There are only a few scattered around on the two parallel aisles of the car. There are vibes of wine and smoke, and menContinue reading “Tokyo night train ride and the No.1 rule”