10 not-so-effortless random things I have done in 2022

Sometimes we failed to record the actions that we do unconsciously, or emotionally. Here is the list of the things that I did without even trying or thinking much with my mind in 2022

What it is like to join the Champion League of Chess

In June 2022, in the midst of the busiest time of the year both professionally and academically, I joined the Champion League on Chess.com on a whim. Here is the journey of how I got there.

Things I learn stepping away from Instagram

I felt like I’m in control of my emotion more. I could see the tendency of being anxious the moment I opened the app. Afterall, it’s a terrible idea and I don’t want to handle it. I felt like I can deliberately do things better. I spend time connect to people offline, face to face.Continue reading “Things I learn stepping away from Instagram”

Every great people went down in history with lots of mistakes

There you go, I said something silly again. It’s two months in and I still want to say Happy New Year, 2020. I wished I have published a few more articles. I wished I would have started that part time job. I wished I would have started to contact that important person. I thought IContinue reading “Every great people went down in history with lots of mistakes”

What is Mandalorian ? Why is it important? Can somebody please answer?!

Have you ever felt left out for not being related when your friends start talking about Star Wars?I have, several times. I would about to take the job of Dani Di Placido after searching up “The Mandalorian” and landed on Forbes. TL;DR. Baby Yoda is cute though, but he didn’t really take much of my interestContinue reading “What is Mandalorian ? Why is it important? Can somebody please answer?!”

A blue puddle of unrequited love

Dragging her legs to the bathroom, she dropped herself onto the floor. Her head has never been heavier. She was about to scream for help, yet the thin layer between the bathroom door and the hall was going to everybody knows about her insecurity. Felt destructive, she cried, for the third time in a day.Continue reading “A blue puddle of unrequited love”