2022 – A summary

While I thought 2022 was an eventful year in my life, there were definitely moments in time when I thought I would not be able to make it through. Having some time to reflect on my journey, here is a brief list of things that marked my growth and learning this year.

My top 10 failures for 2022:

  1. Failed to invest in hydrogen aerospace services, carbon capture, and lithium (just because I think they’re the future of our planet, and I believe in their massive needs and potential to be implemented in many countries)
  2. Failed to pass Japanese N2 for the 4th time (it’s my friends’ insight jokes now and I am living in it well)
  3. Failed to take pride in my final thesis project…somehow it felt uncompleted and I felt like I didn’t do my best for it
  4. Failed to be in a romantic relationship (lol)
  5. Failed to respond to friends, and colleagues properly when the time required
  6. Failed to learn how to cook new dishes (partially because I have been keeping my meals very simple and light)
  7. Failed to optimize time and have a routine that is best for productivity and efficiency
  8. Failed to beat Yasu at Chess (we did it again, and I still failed)
  9. Failed to prioritize my future in 5 years I guess because I am living day to day now
  10. Failed to have any big project lifting off the ground and fail to be an entrepreneur myself

My top 10 successes for 2022:

  1. Successfully keep a healthy stream-down routine for my nutrition and only eat what’s essential + drink a lot of water throughout the day
  2. Identified new innovative opportunities in the market that I could potentially put my capital in
  3. Challenged myself to take the Japanese N2 test for the 4th time. I think I’m getting closer to a pass
  4. Graduated with my 4 year-degree from one of the most prestigious schools in Japan
  5. Enjoying my single life at 22 and traveled with my friends to several places including Okinawa, Fukuoka, Fukui, Osaka, Nagano, Yamanashi, and Hokkaido
  6. Spent quality time with my family in Vietnam after 3 years of being away from home
  7. Restarted my illustration hobby and taking it seriously now
  8. Hosted Chess Championship for ISAK 2022 Summer School. We only had 6 participants but they were hardcore amazing. Also joined the Legend League on Chess.com
  9. Got promoted to a full-time Managing Director position at Social Impact Lab Japan
  10. Working on educating myself to become an entrepreneur in the future, while working on helping others to build their own social enterprises as well
  11. Bonus win: perfecting skin-care routine…yes, I’m taking care of my facial skin like it’s my baby now and I am happy with it ❤ 

Funnily, the list of my successes is just a reversal of my failure list, in a way that considers the process of doing to be the key performance indicator, instead of the results of those efforts. Either way, I took them as milestones as there were joys and meanings that I could remember and kept in my mind.

If you are curious about the other not-so-productive aspects of my life, here are just some random activities archives for entertainment:

10 not-so-effortless random things I have done in 2022

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my year-end summary! Thank you very much for your treasured time and continuous support. I wish you, my precious readers, a great holiday and a Happy New Year!


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