10 not-so-effortless random things I have done in 2022

Sometimes we failed to record the actions that we do unconsciously, or emotionally. Here is the list of the things that I did without even trying or thinking much with my mind in 2022

10 not-so-effortless random things I have done in 2022

  1. Scrolling through possibly 3000+ Instagram, Facebook posts, and other news articles this year for inspiration, reflection, and distraction from life. One of my reels got 4000+ views. Little compared to the huge size of the internet, but a pleasurable milestone for me
  2. Watching possibly 4 Netflix and Amazon Prime series and cried the living out of my bedroom
  3. Listening and adding 1000+ songs to my favorite Spotify Playlist. I did spend a lot of time crying by myself indoors so maybe I’ll spend more time outdoors this coming year
  4. Took an additional 10,000+ pictures that resulted in the second crash of my phone
  5. Occasionally go on hiking, biking around Tokyo, and eat out with my friends
  6. Keeping a daily journal that now numbered 2000+ entries
  7. Calling my friends when I’m down instead of eating the pain away
  8. Paid all my bills (but still need to figure out 年金)
  9. Keeping my house clean
  10. Discovering Bialystocks so far was the best effortless thing that happened to me in 2022

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