Are you spending too much time by yourself?

It’s ok if you feel not enough sometimes. You don’t have to feel 100% all the time, and sometimes, feeling like 20% is good enough. You should allow yourself to feel empty, and motionless. However, it is good to note that having your mind wander too much during the day sometimes would inevitably lead to extreme boredom, self-sabotaging thoughts, and disillusion.

Here’s a little bit of awkwardness when you started spending too much time observing your mind
A therapeutic artistic video on nothing whatsoever. Really speaks to me as something meaningful and chaotic.
An attractive, relaxing commentary on a football match, and a great transition to Under Amour.

All the above three were made by Case Jernigan.

A trippy yet oddly-satisfying video of zooming into 3D model of Mandelbrot Fractal

Thank you and I hope you have had a great day


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B (Q.Trang) is a creative multipotentialite who has lived away from home since fourteen, currently living in Tokyo city. She loves writing, cooking, swimming, talking to people and chasing thrills.

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