Those who could manage their own time could manage their whole life

I don’t believe much in anything these days, except the fact that I know I found the source of leisure that makes my life meaningful. Possibly, skydiving.

I skipped reading many of the profound verses of self-help because they were useless beyond their means since I barely use any of the practice they suggest. Knowledge is only useful when it empowered an action. Perhaps it’s not really my interest in learning. Now it’s time for practicing only a few key things and to see how it goes. if I fail, then I will revise my practice in principles.

Although I still desire a rich and wealthy lifestyle, I’m still battling with the value of money. Time, to me, is crystal clear. You can measure all it could, but time, although within our own capacity of walking the Earth, is possibly finite within its most believable uncertainty. Therefore, time is the most valuable asset that a human being could have within her/his lifetime.

But for money, I am yet to be able to understand it. Shall it be for the construction of the financial system, or monetary transactions shall be the blood of the society for it to stay healthy, then perhaps I was not wrong. I wish I have the mathematical ability of a genius to be able to comprehend the immense importance of finance in our lives. Why are some desperate for the money and others sit around leisurely with it? Why is the flow of money goes into someone while it doesn’t for others? Perhaps, if I could imagine a river, maybe the cash flow could be counted as such. How about Bitcoin, Etherium, and a myriad of other new arising currencies? I found that my knowledge in Internationa Finance and Foreign Exchange Market was inadequate, not to mention the several newly created blockchain platforms. What would be essential for humanities to stay alive and afloat shouldn’t be fully dependent on these transactions, yet, it is clear to me that it will become even more prominent in the future to come.

I think that we are walking a fine line between dystopia and utopia, but again, why is one of the others, but not both? Social media collectively highlight the positive parts and leave out all the ugly and nasty stuff of this world, because we choose to do so. But what if we question everything, and start to not tolerate, but endure hardship that fundamentally lies as a foundation for wealth and success, maybe we can start appreciating that hardship endurance is a success story within itself, and we don’t have to glorify it as such.

One thing that I would probably regret later, or something I could imagine regretting, is to say this stuff without giving it a second read, or basically, have someone give it a review. I definitely sometimes feel lonely in the journey of exploring my own thoughts. But maybe this could be prominent evidence of what someone in the future could read my thinking out loud, and examine a side of an individual who has existed, besides haring the cost of having their brain a little bit twisted since I gave no regards to whoever would be reading. I don’t know how long this article would last, but somehow, I suspected it could last beyond a black hole. The information these days are not rare. But how important those pieces of information are, we could only tell by counting how many lives it has impacted, perhaps in a couple of hundred years.

I was aspired to be a founder, a business owner, an entrepreneur. I wanted to follow the step of my father. I wanted to be like my grandfather, who found joy in fixing up little things and bringing life into wasted stuff. I wanted to help people. I wanted to bring value to the world and perhaps give them a solution to their miseries and hardship. Yet after my dive, I feel the urge of rearranging my life priorities. I feel like I wanted to pursue a life in the air rather than working on saving the Earth. But then I was reminded that I need to work on things that are necessary, than something you wanted. The priorities, thus remain the same: I should learn how to bring joy to others again, even if they betray us in the process. Today, I was told by the Internet, that it’s not about whether you could trust a person now to betray you, but whether you could deal with that betrayal yourself or not. Betrayal perhaps works only within the abstraction of our own expectations imposing on others. Whether or not they understand and see value in meeting those expectations, we have no control over it. Yet, we spend majority of our time expecting from others and felt pressure on our own. It’s a funny world, and a funny game.


Published by Igobiebb

B (Q.Trang) is a creative multipotentialite who has lived away from home since fourteen, currently living in Tokyo city. She loves writing, cooking, swimming, talking to people and chasing thrills.

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