It’s 15:21

And my blog is becoming like a macro Tweeter page where there isn’t much traffic, interaction, or public recognition. It’s like a scream into a void without knowing much about my own audience, but literally, I would often time just keep my future me in mind. Hey wise B, it’s the younger B’s talking. How has you been?

It’s 15:24 now and I’m just typing down my thought, as I’m thinking about it.

The life of the mono-audience blog page isn’t that exciting. I wish I could have thought for others better than for myself. I’m too Westernized, if that’s a way to describe it. “I’m doing this, I’m doing that”. My sincerely apologies. I wish I know better than whatever I’m having to deal with right now – Myself.

So Marie Kondo released another Netflix series for “Spark Joy” with cleaning up our own mess. Personally, I felt a sense of envy, that she could produce a massive influential show by just cleaning up people’s home. The big screen appearance isn’t what makes me felt envious, but because of her simple concept and methodology that she promoted. It’s a success of personal branding, business execution, marketing, and more than that, a philosophy and system of decluttering that works. Personally, I haven’t tried out hers, just because I haven’t watched her show, or read her book (which was a silly part of me, I know). But I personally feel it wouldn’t worth my time. The whole idolizing and worshipping around her cultural phenomena made me a little bit uneasy. I genuinely avoid obsession at all cost, knowing that I could be obsessed at anytime into anything myself.

But truly, it could possibly be a work of art, that made an impact on so many people’s life. I wouldn’t know better. I feel like I should learn from her’s strategy instead of staying envious, but then at least I know there’s part of me wanting the world to know about my way of living, and that way of living makes the world a better place. Or so? What is it better? Who am I to tell. Regardless, writing about this helps reassessing what I have been lack of, in term of strategic discipline, and work ethics. Maybe Kondo was right after all, and I might just buy/borrow her book just once.

I’ve scrolled through a few articles written by people who have tried Konmari method of decluttering. You can read it here (honest review).

I did know why I would end up on a Marie Kondo’s post – that I followed her on Instagram, and that I was spending time on it instead of figuring out my class schedule. I wasn’t really happy with the options that I had at hands, and to me, it felt a bit underwhelming and overwhelming at the same time, trying to choose courses. But then I remembered about my decision to sign up for skydiving: Whatever it would happen, I should learn how to be content with it, given the time and limited resources that I have access to at hands.

Would I be regretting taking one course over another, or not taking any particular courses at all? Turn out, regretting is an emotional behaviors that we could potentially be aware of. The fear of regret creeped in when I reflected on my not-so-good performance that I had last semester, but soon I remembered that I passed game-Theory class (somehow, that was magical). So for now, regret isn’t much of a problem for me. Perhaps I would continue trying to be my best, do my best, utilize time to the furthest that I can, and somehow, magically, I might be able to make it.


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B (Q.Trang) is a creative multipotentialite who has lived away from home since fourteen, currently living in Tokyo city. She loves writing, cooking, swimming, talking to people and chasing thrills.

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