Today I learned (there’re just so many)

For now, I’m trying to take advantages of digital overload. What if we can do something about the information we have received and turn them into something good? What if we can utilize those information for a better collective learning?

I’ve been procrastinating on so many things important in my life, like finishing my classes’ report just because that I’ve been very unmotivated about it (seeing no-end result except grading on a piece of paper? But I guess that piece of paper could be powerful).

I’ve been learning more about how to be a better Marketing manager. I’ve been so inspired by so many people during the past few weeks. I just think that there’re just so many things to do, yet no time to do them all.

Found another building made by Von Jour Caux in Tokyo

Finding out a billionaire who got rich thanks to recycling paper – His name is Anthony Pratt.

50 Waste-Recycling ideas

Found out about the study of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovations system in South East and East Asian Countries Research done by IDB, author Tamako Watanabe.

The Social Entrepreneur Dilemma

Are you running a charity or a business? – Cool but confused: Social Entrepreneurs find it harder to explain their work

5 Reasons why Now is the time for Social Entrepreneurship

The Startup Growth Framework for building scalable growth engine

The Ultimate list of marketing tool – 14 Editable Templates

Top 10 Quality of Good Marketing Manager

How to be a Content Marketing manager

Skill you needs as a marketing manager and other successful tips on how to be a Marketing manager

Interesting questions were asked on Quora about the Pros and Cons of being a Marketing Manager and an article about the Advantage of being a marketing manager

The things that I learned today, is that result could be delivered quickly.

Just making sure that you don’t burn out. That’s all.

I think Anthony Pratt could be the lucky one of the third generation to run a huge business empire like Visy, but that’s something to take notes from, and to have a vision for the future. I started to learn how not to be emotional with news and reports, and look at them from an objective point of views, to see whether there could potentially be any actions taken from it. Simply, because he was able to lift off an empire from his grandfather and his father.

That’s perhaps the expectations. I’m pretty free in a sense, but I’d like to build my own empire too. Soon, cus I might die someday in a few decades.


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B (Q.Trang) is a creative multipotentialite who has lived away from home since fourteen, currently living in Tokyo city. She loves writing, cooking, swimming, talking to people and chasing thrills.

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