Bringing back Rock & Roll

Instead of restoring my depleting sleep schedule, I really did decided to wind up the brilliant hell of Måneskin.


Absolute nuts.

And then they hit us with this?!


I’m not having it enough.

Okie, before I kalm down for a short sleep, here’s your dope ass performance 😳

There is one thing we ALL have to agree with: That Maneskin is HOT 🔥 Mind me, please, their stage presence is everything, from the moment Damiano’s shadow casted against the light in the backstage, to the spontaneous jump of Victoria during the transition beats, with Thomas’ ZOOM into his guitar and Ethan’s gigiantic drumming shadow on the wall.

And we don’t need to even understand a bit! That’s the beauty of it everyone. And I’m aspired to have the level of confidence and charm that Damiano possesses.

I think this performance is an iconic moment in the history of international music industry. This is just their stepping stones. Only a few years since their first gain mass population from X Factors, which I have barely watched, they have now reached a level of reputation beyond their fan base at home.


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