Intriguing SAVAS Protein Drink Shaker

What makes a product that priced only at ¥425 to have more than 10,000 positive rating on

That’s the question that I’m very dumbfounded by at the moment, especially because I’m not the ideal type of customers who would buy a piece of plastic bottle with slightly tighter lid just to have milk and protein shake.

But because I’m entering the market as a customer, I started paying attention to fitness product, and oddly, SAVAS Protein Drink Shaker stood out. You can visit the product link here. **Disclaimer: This is not an ads. I’m just genuinely caught up by it!!**

It would be very interesting to see how things are favored and demanded by people, depends on their purpose. I thought I understood the basic of it, but now, I realized I understand nothing!

That’s why behavioral economics was so fascinating for me. But that was perhaps because Richard Thaler was winning a Nobel Prize in the field, and the media coverage made it so much cooler than learning it first hand. After all, I’m still sitting in my own apartment making jokes out of my own existence, so WHY NOT? I would love to still learn more about the subject and the reason why 10,000+ people had decided to write a review for a plastic bottle.

I would like to end my article here, but the name SAVAS brought out my curiosity for a quick market research. Apparently the brand is owned by Meiji Co., Ltd. which is one of the most famous beverage company from Japan. The company website that I visited is simple enough that I feel confident in building one, given the time. I’m pretty sure they do more marketing on television, which is one of the media I don’t watch, as well as in-store product placements. Do I want to go deeper into their product and marketing strategy? Not now, and not yet. This would just be another piece of wonder that I will keep for a while, until maybe I actually buy one. Right now, I’m pretty happy with my crooked green water bottle.


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