Self Worth

I could again, write so much about this topic. It’s just a little big triggering that I went on Netflix for a moment of procrastination (it sucks that I did, I should loathe myself for it, but I don’t) and watched a :30-second-trailer of the digital drama Followers. From what the casts were saying, I have already been disagreeing with so much stuff. But it also highlighted some of my concern regarding social media, in particular Instagram, so it did intrigued me a little bit. I knew that I wanted to watch it just to satisfy my critic point of view, and wouldn’t really put myself out there to expect much from it. But still, the visual composition of the scenes were pretty lit: it would be much cliche to say that Japanese directors either go with the boring day-to-day realistic depiction of life, or went all the way extravagant and out of the world orderliness. Not much to say the least, that I felt a slightly connection to the glamorous lifestyle of artists alike on scenes, yet in reality, the life of the people are much more gleam, dull, and quiet. I think this contrast would not be depicted so much in the movie, but I’m just writing here just so you know, whatever is seen on there, is a fraction of what life in Tokyo, or in Japan, in general, could be.

A few request for Netflix: include the Director in the info description pls. I have to actually go to search engine to look her up.

*A few moments later*

Okei so Mika Ninagawa is the director of the movie. I think that’s more exciting to learn about than watching the movie itself. She had a few awards featuring works, and her style is very much reflective in the drama. Definitely going to watch because I’m a visual ho myself. I hope that the drama would raise serious question about the definition of Self Worth. Much that I wasn’t so concerned about this topic because I don’t think externality of self worth would ever be stable, I would like to still see how other perceive it, and what I could learn to handle different social values in a better way. Just saying, when you are all alone and must be independent in a country that you were not born in, there’s not much room to cry over numbers jumping on the screen. Self worth, as high up in the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, is not really the most fundamental needs of human beings. Yet, I guess that I could consider myself being in the position of perceiving arts, the topic of self-worth is entertaining and interesting to me, or any artist alike who have lots of time to juggle with colors and shapes.

Also, don’t you realize that all form of Arts are a type of brainwash? Persuasion as a form of communication itself is a brainwash method: you try to communicate and persuade people to do something they originally did not want to do, or something much different from their original belief.

Those who are scared of being brainwashed and who were being brainwashed are the ones who don’t have much criticism and analysis. :)) Prove me wrong.

Please, I just have to be a little bit more focus with my responsibility.

Have a great day.


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B (Q.Trang) is a creative multipotentialite who has lived away from home since fourteen, currently living in Tokyo city. She loves writing, cooking, swimming, talking to people and chasing thrills.

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