I will survive

It’s best when you know how to lift yourself up with great classic piece of music.

My problem? Listen to disco songs at 6:14 AM in the morning. I should finish my writing by 6:30 AM so I can go back to bed :))

After all of this, I would probably look back in joy to see how my life turn out 10 years from now. But can you imagine? Someone in 30 years would probably listen to your own composition, so why not creating something now, and create something everyday, so it’s not just a trend, but it can become a classic? I mean, bad things and good things can be lessons and point of criticism right? And nothing is purely good or bad, they are a mix all at once. I just think that whatever we do, we do it intentionally to move forward, then it’s good.

Bonus song, Heart of Glass is a blow, by Blondie. I listened to this song more after Miley Cyrus covered it, and this original version ticked more than I thought. Now I’m rolling more on Blondie version lol.

Also, should I start a podcast? I might just join some of my favorite people.

OMG, wait, not finished yet, this song came up.

If there is a song I would be playing on my way to Mars, instead of Star man by David Bowie, I would probably play this following song instead.


Published by Igobiebb

B (Q.Trang) is a creative multipotentialite who has lived away from home since fourteen, currently living in Tokyo city. She loves writing, cooking, swimming, talking to people and chasing thrills.

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