Exciting news about harvesting sunlight and air for electricity🤩

Well well, I saw the post on Instagram very recently about the conversion of water vapour, CO2 and the Sun into usable fuels,..sounds optimistic! At least for some clean energy enthusiast like me.

You should definitely read it more here: Carbon-neutral fuel made from sunlight and air

It’s very exciting. But at the moment the machine is producing only 1 decilitre per day (=0.1 litre) which is yet to be sufficient to replace the current output level of fossil fuel. However, given that the current reserve of fossil fuel took millions of years to form, the rate of production is not insignificant at all, but the challenge would be how long can we transfer to using it. “A solar plant spanning an area of one square kilometre could produce 20,000 litres of kerosene a day”- claimed by Philipp Furler, Director (CTO) of Synhelion and a former doctoral student in Steinfeld’s group. Obviously we would need to make sure that the expansion of energy harvesting plans would also create minimal carbon footprint release in the setting up process.

Would I want to invest in the technology? Perhaps, yes. The fuel is going to be quite helpful in aviation and marine trading industry, and I think it would be very great to have it sufficiently replace fossil fuels.


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