The blow off of Nikola

The new Hindenburg Report on Nikola was a dismal one. In the battle against climate change, Nikola seems like a good soldier joining the market with its heart for zero emission. Yet, everything felt like a stab in the back reading the Hindenburg report. Despite Bloomberg pointed out that Hindenburg is a “firm that owns a short position in the company’s stock and may stand to gain from a decline in the share price”, it’s still like a blow in the face for the empty promises that Nikola has granted. And what a shame for General Motors to take the deal. Would this turn into a legal fights that results in detainment? I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t tell, but history has seen the downfall of Theranos, and although Elizabeth Holmes is yet to be convicted, the fraudulent charge would probably end up costing her 20 years in prison. Would a similar case be applied to Trevor Milton? It might depends on how the investors would react. Their accounting department would probably face some #REF first to face the impact of the blow.

Not so bright future for Nikola to get out of its own mud. NKLA down -11.33% would probably just the first landslide.

I wished that I could have written more about Hydrogen fuel in the last article; For that, my apology to do a poor job on the comparative analysis of these two forms of battery. It’s sad to fall from a false high hope, but the future of clean energy is still here, and it will be short-sighted of us to think this is the end of the road. Tesla is still leading the way with its electric battery, but more competitors are still getting in the way, and until they win the public’s trust rather than marketing stunts and appeal to looking good, we might just rather bet in hope again. Would there be potential for car makers to be more efficient while being zero emission? Zero emission seems to be too perfect and idealistic, and I wouldn’t just buy into that just for the craze. There are much more to consider in term of cost-benefit analysis, if you count in environmental cost, you would need to take a look at production emission as well, not just emission over usage life time. At the moment, I only know that if there’s a car to buy, I would probably buy Tesla. Second hand Tesla would also be a good take, too.


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