Not so sad about Meghan Markel

It’s 3:18 am and I have just moved from sitting on the stool to sitting on my sofa-bed, after 10 hours or more of just sitting. I think that I would need to put more effort into physical activities and working out. I would be more grateful for the weather and the time that I have. Now that I feel hungry, and sleepless, I started to write again. As usual.

So Meghan Markel and Prince Harry have also just signed a $100 million deal with Netflix. That’s just a big move for any ordinary person to think of, but it was not impossible with Meghan. It’s astounding, about how she has lived the life that she wanted. Perhaps there were criticisms from everyone. Who am I to judge? But as I followed the media surrounding the couple, they were filled with the dark sarcastic teasing and mockery that people wouldn’t just grant to whom were respected. If our lives are as boring as this, caring about them isn’t such a bad waste of time.

But there are something I feel like I can learn from Meghan. I don’t know much about her background, but surely she was having a rough start. The majority of people of UK probably doesn’t like her, which on my term, a generalization, for the reasons that racism exists. I didn’t quite understand, but perhaps I was also slightly influenced by the negative view that the media painted the couple. Dramas would only be bad or good. We learned to take sides and to choose our allies. Kate and William seemed to be great people, so Meghan and Harry must be bad. Sometimes being critical takes too much time, so we roll with our own bias. Yet, Meghan proves me that she is a strong woman, regardless whoever is going to criticize her. She refused to remain a victim, whether that was true or not. She chose to pursue her happiness and freedom over being restricted in the regulation of the public. She was not a coward. With the amount of hatred that she received, and still had the gut and audacity to go after a deal that would help her get closer to her life goals, is truly remarkable. Being strategic and smart about business like Meghan, is a gift, but being persistently good at making the next humongous decisions and dare to live the life she wanted, is a character that she has trained herself to have.

Once she starts working on the production line with Netflix, she would probably build her own empire, so why, would anyone wonders, that she should be staying in the royal family? Her experiences would speak, and it would be told by herself. Lies or not, people would have to chimp in and listen, because we all love fantasy, adventure and greatness, regardless whether they are true or not. And Meghan lives that life, the life of going from rag to richness, the life of stepping out of their ranking and finding their next doorsteps. Meghan has a passion for story teller, and so she will promote them to the biggest audiences she could reach, and her stories, misleading or not, will probably entertain us and make us think. Would I dare to think of one day to meet Meghan down the hall? Probably I would. I would love to meet her, and learn more from her. When you recognize her for the things she has experienced, you would probably be fascinated. 

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B (Q.Trang) is a creative multipotentialite who has lived away from home since fourteen, currently living in Tokyo city. She loves writing, cooking, swimming, talking to people and chasing thrills.

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