Battery electric vs. hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

This past week has been a weird train of experiences. I have so much to tell you, yet so little time and focus to do so. My apologize for disappearing for a while, and thank you so much for still hanging around.

Update: I moved out. This page was supposed to be a record of my living journey, but it has become more like a scream room for my thoughts to escape and wonder free. I was spaced out for many days, especially at nights, when I don’t have internet. But today I decided to punish myself and go to McDonald (yes, it is very sinful to go to McDonald pass 10:00 pm. It’s like signing up for hell, body shame and lack of self-control spiral). But I had the audacity to sit for more than 3 hours. My legs are exploding, and the store is spoiling me into thinking it is normal to just do it this way. Additionally, I have a 8:00 am hike tomorrow. This is very shitty of me.)

My friends stop reading into my rant on this page a while ago, but I’m so glad. It’s great to know that they don’t care about your problems, because you would feel being judged less, and you can just be whatever you want to be here. I’m blessed.

I have this fantasy of investing into solar company that pairs with crypto. It’s just an amazing business model. And I have a few friends who I would definitely love to connect and do research, and of course, invest with.

Here are some of the reading I have had only this evening:

Battery vs Hydrogen cars. Which one makes more senses? Don’t even mention fossil fuels here that needs to be closed off.

NTT invest $9bn into Japan’s renewable energy. Yes, they need to get pass that 10% mark. 10% is too low for a country that has stopped using nuclear. If nuclear is not an option, double down on renewable. Strategy is you do renewable, take that to crypto, and just sell them like banks do. Don’t play with paper. I’ll need to switch everything online now. Screw cash, bye bye.

Additionally, apparently online meeting works, as long as you have good internet connections. I sat through a section where I could understand what the hosts were saying; the host were organized and productive; they provided with lots of information; and it was a great time seeing everybody’s faces. It’s magical. I liked it, and I have more trust in doing business online now.

Anyway, humanity will probably go multiplanet soon.

The train will leave, and if you are hesitate to board, it will leave without you.


So it’s our choices where we want to go, but if we don’t take the vehicle that drive us there, we will be hella behind.

California is on fire again.


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