Excitement is coming

Today was a weird day. There were some good news, and there were some bad

I think I stressed my dad out about world politics. I got a bit stubborn. But he’s still my dad, and I still love him no matter what. I want to thanks him for challenging my world views, for putting me in a different angle, giving me different perspectives, and for being persistent with his beliefs. That’s one thing I admire about him, is no one can change his perspective, but he would change himself. And my greatest pleasure, is sometimes, just to win him in arguments. But I guess we both know that we are hot headed sometimes.

And so there’s a lot of things that happened in between. I don’t mind stretching, it’s fun to get a little bit on the nerve. I haven’t felt like I have these much duties on my hands, at large, but alright, I’m totally fine with it. Maybe I’ll have some breakdown tomorrow, maybe some other times.

Maybe in the future when I feel a bit down, but today, I’m not sad.

Today I see people’s smile, and I see that there’s hope. There’s hope that’s rolling.

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