Today was a good day

I ate a lot

And accomplished. a lot

I thought I would spoil myself with carb, and just eat whenever I want. I finished my tasks for today, which I’m glad I did.

I also did a bit of work out and felt a bit more fresh. My flatmate and me has entered a silent competition about who would do the most leg lifts and deep squad. She was in another unit across mine, and through two layers of glass we often secretly glance at each others. I tried not to, but it happened that we see each others in the living room quite often. It just gets awkward. Apparently I gave up midway and just focus on my abs. Still, it was very painful.

And so today wasn’t too bad. I had a long talk with my friend over the phone and we talked a lot about climate change, planetary issues, politics and finances. Things that we are all studying, but yet haven’t been able to get engaged with. Things that we were passionate to talk about, yet don’t know how to share it, and how we could make an impact. We talked about human species as a whole, and how, in a few years, climate change was going to affect 3 billion of us. It’s gave me a chilling spine when we take that number in consideration. That is going to be 1/3 of the world population who would either be vulnerable to intense weather condition, pollution, sea level rise, hunger or other lack of resources due to the unlivable climate.

When you walk in the living room – Qbooz

We are also on a mission to Mars. My fancy for the stars have yet deemed down due to Coronavirus. Indeed, I want to see the world before it ends, and I also want to take a closer look at other planets as well. It was since 10 years ago when I started watching this documentary provided by Discovery Channel, talking about the destructions of stars and planets. I cried a lot back then, but now thinking about what I had learned, I’m pretty thankful that I wasn’t dead. Indeed, a lot of saying that the world was going to finish in 2012, and now we have the pandemic. I think we would survive this pretty well.

So far a team of Oxford is proactively working toward developing a vaccine for Coronavirus. I hope that is going to be available soon. Would I take it? I’m not sure. It depends on how well the trials perform, how widely available it is, whether it’s advised to be taken if you are in good health, what are some condition of cautions? There are a lot of things to be considered, and I hope to take time to judge that beforehand.

I think it takes me long time to think, and the problem is, I think a lot. I want to do more.

My todo task wasn’t so updated, regardless how much I complain about it. It’s on me isn’t it? After all, is me who spent my dimes on buying the management app. I should be more responsible to use it. I wish I don’t have to juggle so much interests and responsibilities, but I mean, if we don’t do so, life wouldn’t be so worthwhile wouldn’t it?

If there’s anything I’m excited about, I told my friend, is that I’m excited about being a Creative Director. Not the one who wondered around garages with a bunch of CDs and smoke weed, but the one who constantly strategize the best way to bring ideas to realization and put them into practices. I want to be more conscious about bringing in real practical changes, not just speaking. I think I have been verbal, but have not done much of the work.

I’m wondering who is still reading my blogs, but for the avid readers out there, thank you for following through. It’s an honor to know that someone care about my thought process, and at this moment in life, being confused and lost as I am now, it’s encouraging to know that this voice is heard. Well I’m glad it was.

Tomorrow I have a test, and so I hope this semester there would be a good ending. I genuinely hope that things will get better from now, and I hope the conversation would go further than this.


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B (Q.Trang) is a creative multipotentialite who has lived away from home since fourteen, currently living in Tokyo city. She loves writing, cooking, swimming, talking to people and chasing thrills.

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