Hey! Let’s talk about failure!

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This episode is also available as a blog post: https://qbooz.life/2021/04/11/intriguing-savas-protein-drink-shaker/

Here we go about the band wagon. Failure would be somehow trendy, because when everything is so disrupted by the pandemic, all of the sudden we have a bunch of people failed. I failed. I know some of my favorite influencers failed too.

“Actually, nah. failure makes me feel like a loser. And I don’t like feeling like a loser.”

But to be quite clear, failing doesn’t always happen because of the pandemic. We can fail for various reasons, or simply, it doesn’t work out. And the fall would always be painful. It would, because then, if we enjoy failing so much, we wouldn’t need to do anything in life. We would be sliding to hell. If only we take the slide in the park for a rush of dopamine, but then, we would only know for sure that we would be on the ground again. The impact might be different time to time, but more than often, life move on after that.

I remember cutting my finger when I chopped a sausage. What a dumb mistake. It felt painful, but then it healed. And life moves on.

I also remember riding a bicycle for the first time, and I bleeded my knee. It healed. And life moves on.

Or that time when I had my first heartbreak. It took longer, but it also healed, eventually. And life moves on.

After each set back, when damage is done, you learned a bit more. You learned from failure more than you learned from success. Success is a reward for your learning, but failure is what created your learning, so you must be thankful for the set back.

I think I haven’t had enough scars to be talking about failures to be quite honest with you. That’s a shame. But I would do it anyway, because I think it would set me to fail better in the future.

Here’s a video of Patreon CEO – Jack Conte, talking about his up and down being an artist and a tech founder, for more than 35 minutes. Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy. Thanks for reading :3.

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