An Itaewon class OST list

It’s strange to talk about Itaewon Class. Part of me doesn’t want to share my impression of this precious movie, but part of me want to introduce to you all about it. I have learned so much from the drama, that words won’t be enough to describe it. What I know, is that this series have impacted me in a deep way.

Here is the list of Itaewon Class OST. Enjoy!

Still Fighting It – Leechansol
Our Souls at Night – Sondia
Maybe – Sondia
Some Day, the Boy – Kim Feel
No Words – Crush
Sweet Nights – V
Say – Yoon Mi Rae

Ahh, these above are the sad vibe. Here’s the cool, upbeat ones :))

You Make Me Back – The Rose
Brand New Way – Damon
Diamond – Ha Hyun Woo
Start over – Gaho

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