Should I write about AI?

In the last article of Writing in time of Crisis (P1 / P2) I wanted to briefly discussed about AI.

Why is it such a buzzword? What are some common myths about AI?

Here’s the link to the PDF, so you don’t have to make up an account again:

5 Big Myths of AI and Machine Learning Debunked by Splunk

Top 10 machine learning algorithms for beginner by

How Humans and AI are joining forces by HBR

I haven’t really work on these yet, but I will come back to this if anything requires.

Key takeaway

There are bunch of myth. Myth remains myth until you experience it first hand. So, maybe I should also work on machine learning. For what though? That’s what I am going to find out.

Indeed, the development of AI has been ongoing since 1955, and it’s still a hot topic today. Because we would definitely need to adopt and learn about this powerful tool, I’m quite excited for it. Isn’t it tough to begin to learn something new every time? Once we get used to it, it will become relatively easy wouldn’t it?


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