Time travel

time travel - street of london

Isn’t rewatching video and seeing old photo a way of time travel? You are putting yourself in a past tense perspectives, and somehow, through the art of filming and directing, you, as an audience, could feel the action, the narration, the emotion, and the tension that were there in between the scenes. 


Anyway here are something “new” I have discovered today:

Street of London – Episode 4: Pablo interviewing people of London, who described themselves as a banker, an Anarcho-Capitalist, and a professor. This video gave me a sneak peak into what London was like during 2016, pre-Brexit and US election. It’s quite enthralling to listen to people with different professional backgrounds reflected on the definition of success. 

Street of London – Episode 6 interviewed a stylish painter, also a model who had an interesting point of view in life. His POV on Trump was quite insightful, quoted “the lion in the jungle” – which means the threats that must happen to society to keep humans a sense of insecurity and fear. It’s an important factor in the process of boom and bust of social development, as one must be so bad and rotten to help others to wake up. The interviews also featured other people’s perspectives on philosophy and life changing events.

Oxford Graduate, Now Homeless – Stree of London – Episode 7 – This one was quite desolated in a way, as it featured a man who went to Oxford but ended up being a broken drunkard that had to live in a hostel for homelessness. But he himself was a smart lad. With a witty humor, he shared some of very mind opening thoughts of being successful: As a person growing up in this world, you would be more blessed to have parents who are supportive and loving. The point he made, which was that your confidence could be given by your parents, is not wrong. I’m sure he can still change for better and get out of the dark, as he at least identified the problem that he has: a lack of confidence and belief in a life worth living.


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B (Q.Trang) is a creative multipotentialite who has lived away from home since fourteen, currently living in Tokyo city. She loves writing, cooking, swimming, talking to people and chasing thrills.

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